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Beihai Rescue Bureau to deploy emergency rescue standby duty during CPC meeting

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  During the "CPC meetings" responsibility Sea maritime security situation is stable for the effective protection, create a good atmosphere for the two sessions, February 29, Beihai Rescue Bureau held a special meeting, conscientiously sum up the recent spring marine emergency protection and salvage experience, for the northern winter and spring waters alternating seasonal climate characteristics and the "two sessions" situation calls for global security and rescue standby duty work full deployment.
First, strengthen leadership, raise awareness, promote the spirit of continuous fighting, to do marine emergency security work.
We attach great importance to the global requirements of the upper and lower safety "two sessions" during the emergency relief and security work to raise awareness, to overcome the spring tension and fatigue after, to carry forward the spirit of continuous fighting, make persistent efforts, make every effort to protect the marine emergency work "two sessions" period.
Second, the duty to comprehensively strengthen efforts to ensure the timely and effective disposal of various types of danger.
Press the higher level to do a good job at the same time, the maximum holding force on standby duty at sea, focusing on protection of roll-off routes and "focus on four types of ships" safe. 

  During the CPCmeetings", the implementation of three global duty system and attendance system on duty. Assistance at the efforts of the leaders with the class and at the 24-hour duty system of dual attendant, to ensure smooth communication aid, powerful execution.
    Third, increase the self-test and self hidden investigation efforts, the timely organization checks to ensure the quality of standby.
Rescue fleet, emergency response rescue teams, each base and rescue ships on standby to conduct a comprehensive personnel, equipment troubleshooting, and self-examination self-test activities to ensure not stay hidden, do not stay dead. Bureau of Work Safety Supervision Department, led relief at relief organization with a fleet safety checks on call activity to ensure security on standby, standby guarantee quality, to "dash up, get down to save a critical moment can play a key role."
Fourth, strictly implement the "Dynamic Assistance standby duty system," and rescue linkage mechanism.
Standby vessels should strictly implement the relevant provisions of the shelter, supplies, etc., "CPCmeetings" before the completion of the rotation supply, make sure to adhere to stand on the sea during the "two sessions." Relief at the success of the "early warning, pre-control, prevention", and at the same time by AIS and other means to pay close attention to the Bohai Bay linked salvage ship dynamics, once the need to ensure that you can contact the nearest joint command ship bailout.

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