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Sports games of Beihai Rescue Bureau 2015

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 To further promote fitness activities, enhance the physical fitness of workers, rich and vibrant lives of the workers, to show global employees forge ahead in unity of spirit, promotional units, communication and cooperation between departments, improve team cohesion and combat effectiveness, Beihai Rescue Bureau 9 successfully held on 24 May 2015, workers Games.

Leadership team members to participate in and attend the opening ceremony of the Games, Yantai City Federation of Trade Unions leaders were invited to observe the guidance.

  The Games is set 100 meters, 400 meters, 800 meters, 1500 meters, 4 × 100 meter relay, long jump, shot put, tennis ball run care, touch the stones, two three-legged, three four-legged, crab rampant Relay Tournaments and other 13 events, the global total of nine teams, 167 people participated in the competition. All the athletes to carry forward the "higher, faster, stronger" Olympic spirit, full of enthusiasm, high morale, attitude and hard work, race out of style, race out of level. Both the speed and passion of the competition on the track, but also the test of unity and cooperation, both the strength and skill of the duel, but also perseverance and fighting spirit of the contest, the game, cheering continued, the laughter continued, ultimately, to produce a total of 29 an individual champion, organ team won the first team scores, rescue fleet team won the second place team scores, rescue team won the fleet award spiritual civilization.

  After all the events, all the athletes, referees, spectators held a brief closing ceremony. At the closing ceremony, the Bureau and to obtain the top two team scores and obtain spiritual civilization prize awarded medal team, and hope to continue to maintain and carry forward the global staff in Games afraid of difficulties, unity, courage and hard work, the spirit of courageously rushed , work dedication, positive and promising, forge ahead, to be creative and to realize my innings five-year development goals, to promote the cause of relief towards a higher level to make new and greater contributions!

  The success of this Games, fully embodies the Beihai Rescue Bureau fruitful cultural construction, to show the unity of all workers, united relief style, inspired the staff to make progress, not far behind the indomitable will to strengthen the cohesion of the workforce and fighting, for the construction of a united and harmonious, dynamic rescue team has played a positive role.

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