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Beihai Rescue Bureau successful completion in 2015 of large passenger ships in distress joint search and rescue exercise

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  September 8, organized by far the largest and most passengers transferring "large passenger ships in distress joint search and rescue exercise" in Yantai anchorage successfully concluded. Beihai Rescue Bureau member of "Sea rescue 101" round, "North Sea rescue 112" round and "North Sea rescue 203" round on behalf of professional maritime rescue team successfully completed the relevant subjects drills.

  The exercise by the Ministry of Transport, Shandong Provincial People's Government jointly organized exercises theme: "Passenger safety concerns and build safe waters." Ro dangerous exercise to deal with emergencies in the background, focused on training in maritime rescue coordination center conductor maritime search and rescue, internal self ro, large-scale search and rescue distress guest metastasis subjects.

  Bohai Bay due to special geographical location and complexity of weather and sea conditions, has always been a maritime accident-prone-prone areas, as determined by the Ministry of Transport "six districts Line" first key regulatory waters. During the Yantai-Dalian "Golden Waterway", is an important part of the national "five vertical and seven horizontal" highway network and "eight vertical and eight horizontal" railway network, with an annual passenger traffic of ships of up to more than 40,000 ships and passenger traffic exceeding million passengers, vehicles carrying more than 80 million, for the national maritime transport lifeline. For 12 years, Beihai Rescue Bureau Party strictly enforce the instructions of superiors, deployed rescue vessel stationed perennial designated by the Ministry of Transport stand point, and with Salvage, rescue flight team to build water, water, air "trinity" emergency relief pattern, to ensure that North sea safety has made unremitting efforts.

 During this exercise, as the main force for maritime safety and security, each participating Beihai Rescue Bureau vessel has completed the marine ship fire, transfer a lifeboat, liferaft berthing, basket rescue drowning people and other subjects drill. Walkthrough process, the participating vessels skilled orderly, coordinated action, with the tacit understanding, fully embodies the technology literacy national professional salvage forces, the full power of the national professional maritime rescue emergency rescue support capabilities, high spirits rescue crew style and skilled technical assistance to give praise to observe staff.

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