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"Women's Day" series of activities,2016

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     Spring in March, Vientiane update, in this lively season, ushered in the annual "three-eight International Women's Day." In order to enrich the majority of women workers amateur cultural life, promote physical and mental health, women's style show, party and government in the Council's concern and support, Bureau union for women workers who send holiday wishes and organized "women half the sky, Build rescue dream "series of celebrations.

  March 8 morning, female workers came to the city in Shandong Province Technical Services Academy Pastry, under the guidance of professional cooking teacher, learning to master a homemade cake, chrysanthemum fucking, fritters, pizza, cookies and other pastry processes and ingredients, and try to make it yourself. We can not wait to get to share the results of the beginner, the event full of laughter, warm atmosphere. Participate in the activities of female workers have expressed harvest culinary experience and skills, to relieve the pressure of work, an increase of interest in life.

  Over the years, the Bureau of women workers conscientious, hard work for the cause of development aid and make its due efforts. In recognition of the contribution made by the majority of women workers, female workers who organize afternoon together Wanda Cinema, be viewing the movie selection based on personal preferences. The viewing activities to bring women workers who usually lives no tension, funny, moving, but also to women workers who in the film world where perception of life, perception of life, perception of a warm and happy holiday.
By conducting a series of activities, not only enrich the lives of amateur female workers, relaxed mood, maid employees were fully aware of the festival will bring them joy
Happy and, more importantly, it is to promote the exchange of feelings between colleagues, and enhance the unity and harmony of women workers, teach and learn and work together for the team spirit.
Female workers have said that never live up to the leadership and colleagues of concern and expectations, and actively strive to do their job, to rescue the North Sea and make greater contribution.

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