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"Beihai rescue 116" round big storm successfully rescued the injured fisherman

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     When March 9, Liaoning fishing boat "Sui Liao fishing 35263" fishing operations in 120 sea miles southeast of Isle outer office, a fisherman accidentally injured his left forearm fracture, excessive bleeding, lives are at stake, in urgent need of treatment.
 9:00 the day 55 points, Sea Isle is a training mission in the "North Sea rescue 116" round action immediately after receiving the rescue command, berthing Shidao Newport access to medical staff after two boats at full speed towards the incident area, on the way Contact fishing determine its orientation.
17:40, "North Sea rescue 116" wheel "Sui Liao fishing 35263" encounter, when the sea wind 8, wave height 4-5 meters, two ships roll heave large margin. Rescue crew of fishermen to guide the wounded lashing on the stretcher, adjust wind angle relative calm waves utilizing the favorable opportunity, abutting two ships quickly and successfully rescue the wounded transported to the ship. Its onboard medical staff quickly bandaged, bleeding, fixed and transfusion treatment, the injury has been effectively controlled.
At 6:10 on the 10th, "North Sea rescue 116" round successfully by duly Shidao Port, 120 ambulances transferred the wounded, the successful completion of the rescue mission.

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