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Beihai Rescue Bureau organized bodies, activities to build branch line

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March 24 afternoon, the Beihai Rescue Bureau in accordance with the ongoing "study the law and discipline, the rules say" education campaign deployment, to invite the Director of Yantai City People's Procuratorate of Crime Prevention Department Xiaojun been a topic of anti-corruption lectures. High Chengfu discipline inspection team leader, the bureau and all party members and cadres in grassroots units Fu Keji cadres smoke more than 80 people attended the lecture.

    Comrade Liu Xiaojun from the completion of a comprehensive well-off society comprehensively deepen reform, and comprehensively promote the rule of law, overall tightening party discipline and other "four comprehensive" talk, combined with recent series of typical cases of domestic and Yantai duty crime, from macro to micro, Deep analysis of China's current anti-corruption situation, tells the story of corruption crimes of the situation, the interpretation of the relevant legal provisions, "criminal law" and other teaching strategies and methods to avoid the risk of job-related crimes, and strive to achieve the "three clear "objective of promoting normalization style building, etc. since the party's 18 central and general secretary Xi Jinping on anti-corruption work arrangements and requirements are described.

Comrade Liu Xiaojun cautioned that the criminal law away from us both far and near, in front of the criminal law power had not arrived in front of the Criminal Law Act can not love, can not go wrong in the face of criminal law, the majority of party members and cadres in work and in life to do a sensible, loving dedicated, conscientious, good moment to live, get rid of bad luck and mentality, away from job-related crimes, a man hold the bottom line, not to let bad deeds infestation we had a good heart, make a loyal, clean, have to play a good party members, cadres .

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