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Emergency response rescue team that went to Dongping salvage drowning

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   At 6:40 on October 12, Emergency Response Team, rescue aid instruction, Dongping waters hit a sand suction sank a missing person, asked me to go and rescue team sent divers.

 6:50, six members of a squad car by rescue aid rushed to the scene. Captain held a class on the road before the Council, made specific arrangement division, asking everyone at the scene must pay attention to safety, strengthen cooperation, care of each other. After six and a half hour trek, 13:15 arrived at the scene, the first captain to lead the water depth, flow, geological formations, underwater obstacles the scene carried out a detailed understanding of the risk assessments carried out and establish a thorough diving program.
       2:45, the first divers into the water shipwreck was found upside down state, the only ship to enter the door upside down in search for missing persons can not enter the following, only to wreck centered 360 degrees blanket search. After six rounds where divers underwater search has failed to find a trace of the missing persons. 12 in the morning and a local salvage company together to salvage the water, drowning finally found in the cabin, the rescue mission to a successful conclusion.

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