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Beihai Rescue Bureau 2016 annual public announcement to recruit fresh college students

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Beihai Rescue Bureau under the Ministry of Transport is the institution primarily responsible for the northern Sea of ​​Life at Sea rescue work. Unit headquarters in Yantai City, Shandong Province, under the jurisdiction of Tianjin, Qinhuangdao, Dalian, Qingdao, Rongcheng, Yantai and other relief base (for more information, please visit the website Units http://www.bh-rescue.cn).

According to the work required, in accordance with democratic, open, competitive, merit-based principles, to be for the community to recruit seven university graduates in the preparation of the relevant matters are announced as follows:

One, job recruitment and professional

1, an integrated management positions, salvage engineering; Location: Shandong Rongcheng.

2, engineer positions 2, marine engineering; Location: rescue ship.

3, electrical engineer positions 4, ship electrical engineering; Location: rescue ship.

Second, the application conditions

(A) has the People's Republic of China nationality, support the party's line, principles, policies, law-abiding, good conduct, there is no law and discipline records and other acts.

(Ii) obtain the Ministry of Education-approved full-time undergraduate and graduate education, degree, by CET-4 and CET above.

(Iii) apply integrated management positions, are required to attend annual national civil service examination in 2016, out of no less than 105 points, and the administration occupation ability test is not less than 60 points.

(D) Registration engineer electrical engineer jobs and positions, must hold a competency certificate or corresponding seamen Seafarers competency exam of conformity, in line with the body "Seafarers health inspection requirements" provisions and voluntarily engaged in rescue Ship crew career.

Third, the open recruitment work

(A) Registration time: March 9, 2016 - March 22

(Ii) Registration: take online registration, on-site review combined manner.

1, online registration:

Candidates should provide the following materials relevant electronic documents:

(1) 2016 annual national civil service examination in public subjects written transcripts (general management positions);

(2) Seafarers competency exam clearances (engineer and electrical engineer jobs);

During the Test Report (3) Students' employment recommendation form and universities;

(4) CET transcripts;

(5) "Sea Rescue Bureau open recruitment registration qualification form" (Annex I);

(6) the electronic version of the recent 2 inch photo.

2, the registration mail: rshjy@bh-rescue.cn

3, on-site review: the need to bring the following materials:

(1) the original offer online registration of electronic materials;

(2) identity card;

(3) booklet;

(4) 3 and the electronic version of the same version of the 2-inch photos;

(5) according to the national civil service examinations, Shandong fees charged per person registration fee 80 yuan.

Specific time, place or phone call to the site notice shall prevail. Through on-site review of personnel may apply for qualification shall be deemed adopted. If less than three times by reviewers corresponding number of job offers, will extend the deadline or extend the scope of the announcement or reduce the number of job recruitment, it may also be approved by the higher authorities to reduce the proportion of the opening test, or cancel the job recruitment.

(C) examination. 2016 Beihai Rescue Bureau staff recruitment examination according to job offers in different classifications. Written unified organization candidates engineer and electrical engineer job positions, interview, job applicants integrated management organization only interview, written test results directly with their 2016 annual national civil service examination in public subjects written score.

1, written examination. Written take closed book, written examination content with reference to the civil service exam and other related content. Written book review is not specified, do not hold nor commissioned training courses.

2, interview. Candidates according to the written test results from high to low order to determine the list of people interviewed, interviewing job candidates according to the number of 3: 1 ratio. Take practical assessment of the way the interview. Comprehensive candidates positions candidates to take a structured interview approach.

Interview time and place according to the implementation of the program of recruitment notice. Referring to the national civil service examinations, Shandong fees interviewer should pay examination fee 70 yuan

3, consolidated results. Written tests, interviews are used percentile.

Comprehensive test score = written examination achievement × 40% + interview score × 60%.

Candidates written exam, interview scores and overall performance according rounded to two decimal places. Day interview published consolidated results.

(Iv) examination. In accordance with the comprehensive scores of candidates 1 from high to low recruitment and job order number: 1 ratio is determined to participate in medical staff. The same as the consolidated results for the written test results from high to low; the written test results remain the same or not comparable, followed by the master, double degree, 985 colleges and universities, 211 engineering schools sequential ordering graduates, college graduates of colleges and universities, the same school graduation students with the same Grade point sorted in descending order. The physical examination standard civil service recruitment examination in accordance with the implementation of standards organizations, medical expenses by the candidates burden. Candidates for examination results have questions, you can apply for a review, designated by the unit to non-initial examination of two or more grade A hospital recheck. There are medically unfit condition, from the same post for personnel in descending order according to the total score matching elected.

(V) inspection. For the examination qualified candidates to conduct investigations. They focus on during the actual school performance, discipline and other aspects, including the candidates of political thought, moral, law-abiding, self-discipline, competency, attitude, learning and performance and so on.

(Vi) publicity and recruitment. According to the examination, physical examination results, Joint research by the Bureau of the party and government to be employed to determine the list of sites in the original announcement publicity for 7 days, and no objection to approval by the higher authorities, can apply for employment procedures. In case of hire candidates publicity results affecting employment, planning to hire staff specifically hired to give up, as well as other lead Nipin job vacancies, etc., may be they were elected in accordance with the descending order of test scores and to higher authorities for approval after the formalities of employment .

Fourth, discipline and supervision

Candidates must provide information consistent with my actual situation, where the application, examination, physical examination and other aspects of fraud, malpractice, namely cancellation and termination of employment candidates.

The announcement by the North Sea Rescue Bureau Renjiao Chu responsible for the interpretation.

Contact: Zhao Xinming, Tel: 0535-6598135.

The recruitment accept the supervision of the community.

Supervision and reporting Contact: Xi Sheng war, Tel: 0535-6598036.



Beihai Rescue Bureau

March 9, 2016

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