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"Beihai rescue 111" round successfully rescued bulk carrier "Yeda" ship

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    March 5 to 7, "Beihai rescue 111" round of continuous fighting, successfully rescued a stern shaft breaking bulk carriers.
  At 15:33 on the 5th, sunshine is on standby, "Beihai rescue 111" wheel receiving the assistance notification duty: about 140 nautical miles due east harbor in the sunshine, bulk carrier "Yeda" round stern shaft fracture, drift out of control Air condition, six crew members onboard distress, requiring rescue ships rushed to the scene to rescue.
Danger is an order, "Beihai rescue 111" wheel immediately prepare the car, heading at full speed incident area. Way, real-time tracking and Sunshine Maritime Bulletin "Yeda" wheel specific location, rescue crews marked on the chart, the boat floats difficult to calculate the flight speed and heading, and timely reported to duty relief.
After more than ten hours of sailing, "Beihai rescue 111" round in at 2:20 on the 6th arrived at the designated site, find it difficult to ship by radar search and contact. Taking into account the sea conditions complexity and poor visibility and other factors, "the Beihai rescue 111" wheel distress ship guardian until 6:35, visibility improved, rescue crews in just 15 minutes, and the successful completion of the ship in distress mooring towing operations.
    At 12:28 on the 7th, "Beihai rescue 111" wheel will "Yeda" wheel towing to Qingdao before the sea anchorage anchored No. 2, while six people on board were rescued, rescue task is satisfactorily completed.

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