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I sat quietly, "North Sea rescue 101" wheel on deck, the sea breeze blowing gently, did not see the Bohai Bay, one of the biggest high-voltage strong winds since 2014 winter just past. At this time the sea is so calm, but think of a few days before the rescue, the waves in my mind was still churning endless.
December 3 morning, I received a round Bureau of command from the first bit to the east of Penglai port of Anchorage on standby, then I do not know, a seemingly very ordinary replacement stand point, but the relationship between the four fresh life.
15:00, I arrived at the wheel Penglai Port of Anchorage East, the wind is very large, the captain ordered us to further strengthen the duty, ready to dispatch rescue. Only in the past six hours, a rescue aid instruction issued from the station duty room, we stand at a distance of point 36 nautical miles, a dredging boat sank, the surviving crew in the liferaft at stake! After learning the news, my mood is very complex, on the one hand for themselves once again participate in the rescue mission, can contribute to a secure people's lives and save property proud and excited, but on the other hand, the face of such harsh weather and sea conditions, not sure whether I myself have successfully come up in distress. At this point I would also like to turn over two hours flight from the location of persons in distress, and already the temperature drops below freezing. People exposed to the outdoors such a long time, life will suffer huge challenge. Thought here, I can not help heart sank, rooting for the safety of persons in distress to sweat.
Although worried, but the experienced captain and other colleagues remained calm, all work in an orderly manner. I turn broaching, drove at full speed to the position of the ship in distress. Even to one percent of hope, but also have to pay one hundred percent effort. This is our deep hearts of every person rescue mission.
In the standby vessel "Jin Ning 6" with the help of my crew and the ship in distress would find their life raft before the estimated time. Offshore wind roar, the waves beat against the already serious water liferaft and four persons in distress. Like a small life raft in a storm Grottoes was spent waves toss, dangerous persons in distress at any time has been exhausted engulfed the sea.
By necessity, the captain cautiously maneuvering close to the liferaft. It can not be too far from the rescue of persons in distress next move, and very likely too close to the liferaft collision, resulting in greater trouble. This requires a very sophisticated operation of ship technology.
The other side, the first mate had organized his staff to release the deck department rescue basket rescue of persons in distress preparations. Bosun and sailors Donghan Hai Tao led the way, boarded the rescue basket by cranes hanging in the air, collusion persons in distress on board.
Boatswain is an experienced and skilled business old crew, our brothers in mind the deck department of Big Brother. Just the other day, he has just had a serious illness, and now the body has not been good agile. I saw him go into to run, so we had both distressed, but also strengthened the confidence of a successful rescue.
Angry waves slapping rescue basket, but scare brave rescue people. Unsuccessful on again, ten minutes later, after several efforts, all four persons in distress rescued in two batches to come on board, after some intense rewarming rescue, their vital signs returned to normal, the successful rescue success.
When faced again after the storm calm gentle sea, I deeply appreciate all the waves will eventually become the past, but firmly brave rescue and relief spirit will forever keep looking at this sea, to defend a fresh article life.

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