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Rescue boat davit repair storm documentary

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At 16:00 on December 2nd, 2014, the North Sea One bit rushed standby "North Sea rescue 117" round of emergency aid into the tension among the "Big Dipper Liaoning fishing 1101" round nine fishermen in distress because of the cabin in the storm water help. 1640 "North Sea to save 117" starboard rescue boat smoothly into the choppy sea, in the ship slowly approached the shelter fishing boats in distress, after a second attempt, rescue boat finally approached the storm precarious boats, this time in the North Sea helicopter rescue flight team also hovered over nine fishermen standing horror side of the ship, two ships up and down in a moments of dislocation, to help rescue the crew of fishermen aboard the rescue boat, after a difficult voyage, rescue boats finally succeeded berthing " North Sea rescue 117 "round, when all the fishermen from the deck of the ship boarded the rescue ships that moment, everyone cheering, it is strained to suffocation Relay for life successfully completed.
When the rescue boat rescue crew hoisting sail area, the rescue boat davit winch mate were tested, normal lift, Marfa sword chief engineer stood watching rescue platform operating personnel and equipment operation, this is his habit for years each rescue boat retractable side note changes in equipment, for fear of anything unusual. At this time gradually increased storms at sea, adrift in a sea of ​​brothers crew look forward to quickly and smoothly back to the mother ship, but at this moment worrying thing happened, rescue boat hang hoisting hook moments, hoisting winch failure. Only to hear the shrill squeak hydraulic tubing, with no cable slack action. Chief engineer realized that there was an accident rescue boat davit situation, immediately organized personnel overhaul, the first to see the hydraulic clutch hose connector almost off, it was found after the disintegration of the inner joint part due to high oil pressure caused by displacement, making it difficult to correct, chief engineer immediately Remove the port side and arranged for me to intern rescue boat davit with hydraulic pipe parts, temporarily installed to starboard davits, winches installed after the test is still no response, so the tissue electrical engineer and engineer for electrical control and hydraulic systems for investigation, according to the hydraulic electrical schematics and past experience, the chief engineer stated cause of the malfunction is winch lifting solenoid circuit is abnormal, because based on experience, under the support system normal power supply situation winch lifting and lowering solenoid valve (ie solenoid valve E, F) should be in the power-on state , external solenoid valve should have a sense of heat, and when the solenoid valve F have thermal, electromagnetic valve E was cold state. So as soon as possible to arrange electrical engineer confirm the line fault, confirmed cases of the electromagnetic valve E. At this moment, the crew of the rescue boat on the waves is under serious bumps, three wheel seasick and vomiting, boatswain manipulated the rescue boats to ensure safety. The passage of time makes us more nervous, determined through measurement of the solenoid valve coil E is normal, but can not make intermediate relay abnormal result was electric solenoid valve E, electric control, hydraulic, mechanical and other safety assessments rear decisive captain who commands the motor shorting relay contact, as soon as possible to achieve winch lifting functions. After processing power wiring test, functional recovery winches, rescue boat back to the mother ship successfully. By this time, everyone hanging in the heart to calm down, the sea rescue work is completed successfully.
When we returned to the engine control room, we did not notice the time and found that repair process took 30 minutes, but we all thought to work for a few hours, not tired, it is pressing and concerns us as points of time. Intense and exciting rescue work is done, my heart can not be calm, equipment failure may occur at any time, but the consequences may not be estimated, it makes me even more convinced that the importance of peacetime training and learning, just as rail Maro He says: not to appear thrilling scenes, usually work must be down to earth; service learning should be integrated situational awareness, multi-experience into their own experience.

Zhao Hesong 2014-12-16

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