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start sailing

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2014, such as a burst of wind Shenqingruyan
In the waves of the sea
Slips a turn
I eat only a little between the fingers

Wind and waves, death trial
Verily, life-saving
Tall majestic North Sea to save
Milky bloom light
Escort when calm
Stormy sea hold hope
Sounded the call of love
Build a strong channel of life
Bow sweat spread over antecedents
2014, we have through the years, through wind and frost

Coordinate grasp of life
Proofreading departure heading
Cast on the mission journey
2015, Endeavour has rolled up the arm
Grounding, training, harvest
Bold, Dream, voyage
Triumphalism stand
Age shoulder responsibility
Struggle more than the pace
Dedication agitation movement

2014 farewell
Bid farewell to life through wind and rain and strong fragility
Farewell youth pursuit of pay and growth
Farewell shipwreck hit turbid and vast rolling
Rescue scene farewell embrace and tears of thanks

Sail 2015,
Rescuers sail to bring wisdom and strength
Sailing sow hope and sunshine to grow by
Sail sent courage and faith Endeavour
Blazers straighten the spine and sail chest

Looking back, we have high blood
Looking ahead, we pride sing
Sunshine spraying in our body
Spring breeze blowing in our faces
At the moment, we look back fondly
2014 farewell brilliant chapter
At the moment, we point lights dream
Writing 2015 hot verse
Sail - sail

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