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A spectacular learning

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April 14 afternoon, logistics unit on the third floor conference room, comrades are on the completion grandpa recent events occurring on a lively discussion, it was organized by the Ministry of logistics center group learning.

Central Group leaders are obsessed with the past, the higher level of learning documents mention seeks an end, it is difficult to enter the brain and heart. Department of logistical support to improve Party central study group effect, combined with the reality of work, life events, organized a spectacular central group study. The whole central group study in learning, "Xi Jinping on clean government and fight corruption issue discussed" on the basis of the original, combined with criminal cases and Bi grandpa event, talk talk about feelings and experiences, deepen the science of law and order speaks discipline unruly and anti-corruption understanding work. It was felt that a Communist Party member, we must strengthen our self, self mouth, hold his hand, can not think'll say what I want to Gansha just do it. Work to maintain a positive attitude, they should bear responsibilities, manage their fields of responsibility. But also to withstand the temptation to deal with a good grasp of human relations in business work, not because without fire. It combines work report Premier Li Keqiang learning-second session of the NPC Third Session of the government to discuss the contents of the report may have a significant impact on our work in life, such as the reform of institutions, pension reform, education reform, and so on. It is recognized as a leading cadres, should have the overall concept of vision to look at the issue a high point, the national policy learning and superiors as a conscious action, the work plan in advance, the requirements of higher refinement to the specific work.

In short, we discuss in more relaxed atmosphere to learn in the discussion, so that we thought collide with each other, inspire each other, deepen the understanding of the content of learning, improve the learning effect.

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