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Qingming thoughts

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Qingming, gives the impression is always a drizzle, rain seems to have Qingming can be able to look out the extra sadness and memories.

Recollection of the past, the Ching Ming Festival, there is always spring is just awakened, and was hesitating drizzle repressed feelings. The return of spring, rebirth, forefathers become constant memory of the festival. In slightly sad mood, can not help but think of that first sad poem, "Wu Ti faint noise magpie tree, Cold Food Qingming someone cry. Wind wilderness fly paper money, tombs base base spring grass green." Dial a net long grass, put down a few cups of sake, speechless, feeling faint touch of sadness and only their mind clear, dead long gone, the survivors forever sad pregnant. They say any mood would change with the passage of time slowly fades, I think the thoughts of their loved ones on the contrary, as the longer the aging of the wine, the time, the more mixed feelings, Juan Juan longing in my heart. Hazy rain, smell, corresponding to our hearts being cut, tangled feelings of sadness.

For this reason, before Qingming is a spread for thousands immutable days, whenever this, I can not help but recall started in the parents, the more the more grown up with their parents will cherish bit by bit, they must "Wish, while the wind blows, son wants his parents are not. " Memory of the dead loved ones, cherish the eyes of the people, feelings and experience the warmth of loved ones on earth, grateful parents, grateful loved ones. Cold Food day, memorial Chester. We remember those who have not the intersection, but for the development of national ideals and dedication to people with lofty ideals of life. We cherish this hard-won today, "the wise king, Gong Li without waste. Guests of the scratch, the famous and not destroyed." Establish work on the road is not easy, not halfway, became famous to be good at keeping . A helping hand to others in need, keeping in frustration optimism, hearts cherish faith, optimistic and positive life, perhaps Qingming memory of the ultimate meaning of human death. Please lucid misty rain, bring my thoughts to his family.

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