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"Beihai rescue 101" wheel anti-anti-strong typhoon "Chan Hung" documentary

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No. 9 strong typhoon this year, "Chan Hung" menacing, strength, long life, high-impact, ran rampant. In the anti-anti-strong typhoon "Chan Hung," the whole process, "North Sea rescue 101" wheel stepped vigilant, well-organized deployment of effective measures to actively respond, after five days of hard duty and fought bravely, successfully completed the anti-anti-strong typhoon "Chan hung" task.
First, stepped in to do the work of mobilization.
It is reported that this year's No. 9 strong typhoon "Chan Hung" center wind 17, and gradually close to the coast of Zhejiang, is expected July 10 to 11 landing, a serious threat to the safety of people's life and property. And there northward trend, it will seriously affect my Council area waters.
At 11:00 on July 8, the waters of Long Island is on standby to perform rescue missions, "North Sea rescue 101" round pick Bureau tune instruction: Yantai return immediately, do the preparatory work, the implementation of anti-anti-strong typhoon "Chan Hung" task. After receiving the command, the captain knew the enormity of the task and the risk of the ship security conference held immediately, once again learn to convey the "Ministry of Transport and Rescue and Salvage Bureau on doing 2015 year against Taiwan flood prevention work," and security commissioned the Ministry of transport "on efforts to flood transport work safety emergency notice" the spirit, and was founded by the captain as head of the political commissar, chief engineer, chief officer as deputy head of the anti-anti-Taiwan work leading group, claim the overall situation, in the "early preparation, early arrangement, early hands-on, early prevention" principle, careful deploy anti-anti-desk work, combat readiness, to ensure that the ship's personnel, safety equipment, to complete the rescue mission fully prepared .
July 9, under the rescue fleet issued a "do a good job typhoon season security work notice", the captain immediately convene a special meeting safety organized boat dry study of the "anti-ship station Information" content security management system, we further requirements raise awareness, unity of thinking, with a high sense of responsibility and mission to implement strong anti-anti-typhoon "Chan hung" work to further enhance the sense of responsibility, fulfill their own responsibilities, to overcome the paralysis and luck, and carefully carry out the self-test equipment and facilities and a series of self-examination and lashing work together to fight the strong typhoon "Chan hung."
Second, vigilant, take precautions against strong anti-typhoon "Chan Hung" preparations.
July 9, political commissar of personnel procured sufficient staple foods, do security work. July 8 and 9, the first mate and boatswain led deck department personnel, the moving parts were further lashing measures and careful examination of the anchor winch, towing winch, winch, winch, shark clamp deck machinery facilities, steering gear, rudder were tested, the whole ship's watertight device was examined, re-tighten the watertight portholes. Lifeboat, rescue boat, liferaft lashing carried out to check and replace the rescue boat with the help of cable ties. Deck mobile items were lashing, such as life buoy, Taiping ax, ropes and other large waves can easily be shifted articles. Deck drainage system was examined, a drainage hole drainage were not smooth and clear. For plugging, rescue equipment was examined. Marine Department under the leadership of chief engineer on various power and power equipment and facilities such as: host, and auxiliary machinery, steering gear, thruster, air compressor, etc. were carefully checked. Host, auxiliary engines fuel, oil filters, check the filter cleaning booster. On the plate cooler sea water filters, high and low seabed seawater filter door open check the cleaning. For non-continuous operation of test equipment for inspection, including the engine room watertight doors, quick closing valves, emergency fire pump, emergency generator, emergency rudder, the wind cutting oil, and other emergency bilge suction. Drainage inspection test equipment, including the engine room, chain locker, shaft tunnel and other drainage facilities, to ensure reliable use. Lifeboat, rescue boat oil level, water level was examined, and start running tests remain readily available. Automatic telephone, power and telephone voice Communications test equipment inspection to ensure the smooth flow intact, keeping the emergency battery is fully charged. Each spare parts, materials warehouse movable member includes a nacelle, articles lashing conduct inspections, found loose, re-fixed banding. Each oil tank and try and tanks to reduce the free surface.
Everything is ready, at 10:30 on July 9, "North Sea rescue 101" wheel full of mission and responsibility, confidence, leaving the dock in Yantai, strong sunshine to the implementation of anti-sea anti-typhoon "Chan Hung," the task, and in at 7:25 on the 10th to arrive on time at the designated area on standby to perform rescue missions.
Third, the courage, the relay rescue.
At 10:10 on July 10, in the strong typhoon "Chan Hung" coming soon to the occasion, being sunshine waters execute anti-anti-strong typhoon task "North Sea rescue 101" round pick Bureau tune instruction: "East China Sea rescue 101" wheel is Lianyungang 190 sea miles southeast of the rescue ship in distress "changlong" wheel, you need to immediately go reinforcements.
"Changlong" round 139 m long, 20 m wide, gross tonnage 13500T, the wheel from Zhoushan bound for Incheon, South Korea on his way out of control because the host failure distress.
Danger is a command, the captain immediately ordered for the carriage anchor, full speed rushed to the incident area. Voyage, the captain summoned the officer to develop a detailed rescue towing program, requires timely deck department and a variety of ready master streamer towing rigging, and heaving guns and other rescue equipment, the engine department to check the good towing winch, mooring machines, equipment and facilities, such as forceps sharks, in ready state, and strive to reach before the typhoon Lianyungang safe waters.
16:30, "North Sea rescue 101" round after a bumpy road and the "East China Sea rescue 101" round encounter, 4:55, "East China Sea rescue 101" wheel trailer solution, followed by "North Sea to save 101" long ship with skilled boatmanship technology slowly approached the ship in distress, rescue boatswain with many years of experience, seize the favorable opportunity of the two ships are very close, quickly heaving heaving gun hit the ship in distress, followed, in close cooperation with the deck department personnel at 17:40 tethered success, heading full speed Lianyungang.
After more than 10 hours of effort, "North Sea rescue 101" round success in at 4:50 on the 11th will be "changlong" wheel drag Lianyungang anchorage, and by the "Oriental 6" round care, the successful conclusion of this Relay rescue mission.
Fourth, calm, positive response
At 16:40 on July 11, the strong typhoon "Chan Hung" landing Zhujiajian Town Zhoushan City, the center of the wind 14, according to forecasts, "Chan Hung" will be about 30 kilometers per hour speed of the north east - fast to move about to enter the southern waters of the Yellow sea, and gradually close to the north-west coast of the Korean peninsula. According to Lianyungang July 11 the meteorological department forecast this year, No. 9 strong typhoon "Chan Hung" From the day gradually affect the city, with the obvious precipitation and strong winds during typhoon passes offshore wind will reach 8-10.
For strong typhoon "Chan Hung" changes and marine weather and sea conditions changing, captain combined with years of accumulated against Taiwan, knowledge and sailing experience, calm, positive response, using the Internet, television and various aspects of information, always pay attention to the analysis, "Chan Hung "the dynamic and require departments in accordance with the requirements of anti-Taiwan plan to strengthen the forces on duty, to do the work of internal and external communication with the ship. The captain and the pilot stick together on the bridge, then stick to the cabin chief engineer, to ensure the smooth functioning of machinery and equipment in bad weather conditions. Various departments to further strengthen the inspection checks, inspections and continue to do work for large and lashing equipment and facilities, do any dispatched rescue all the preparations.
11 evening, typhoon influence predictable, Lianyungang dark clouds over the sea, the wind and rain, waves lap against the hull with impunity. 12 in the morning the typhoon continues to increase, the ship rocking bumps powerful. The referrals to the higher authorities, for safety reasons, 0900, "North Sea rescue 101" wheel car prepared to address the impact of stagnation Hang strong typhoon on the ship. Storm, the crew without fear, dutifully stick to the post, the captain is to lead by example, always stick bridge, calm command, calmly, the safety of the ship in the first place. Chief engineer led stick turbine unit cabin powerhouse, increase efforts to patrol duty, always pay attention to check the host, parameter changes and various auxiliary mechanical and electrical equipment to ensure the smooth functioning of the device.
12 afternoon, according to weather forecasts and cloud analysis, "Chan Hung" will be 30-40 km per hour speed north easterly direction to move fast, the intensity continued to weaken, and the night will be in the northwest coast of the Korean peninsula landing again.
With the typhoon go away in the wind stagnation aircraft during storm gradually weakened, but the surge was particularly large, the ship still rocking violently, most of his body crew discomfort, stretching vertigo, stomach badly, Ruanmian limbs, but All the staff remained at their posts, without the slightest slack, in order to ensure the safety of the ship until 5 pm, stagnant waters Hangzhi sunshine, storms at sea significantly weakened, the ship was ordered to continue to perform rescue tasks stand in the sunshine waters.
Five leaders care, shore-based support.
"North Sea rescue 101" wheel anti-anti-strong typhoon "Chan Hung" in the process, always get the care and shore-based support from all sectors at all levels of leadership. 8, rescue fleet promptly sent sent the required charts and essential items, and arrange for specialized vehicles do supply ship security work; 9, contact the rescue at the East China Sea Rescue Bureau and relevant departments where waters , to ensure that the ship is able to provide the appropriate shore-based support at a critical time; at the same time the strong support and assistance of the planning Bureau of the fleet, the temporary opening of the V-SAT network, in order to receive timely early warning information, to keep the strong typhoon "Chan hung "the trend, in order to ensure smooth communication, to overcome the strong typhoon foundation.
July 9 morning, "North Sea to save 101" front wheel sailing, rescue fleet Linquan Kun captain Tian Yong, vice-captain of the ship to guide prevention work in Taiwan, asked in detail about the ship typhoon preparation work is required to enhance confidence, combat readiness, the difficulties want get some more, do more solid work to effectively implement various preventive measures to overcome the chances to increase their responsibility, and actively respond to the emergency rescue mission that may occur, to ensure the victory of anti-anti-strong typhoon of this work.
In the rescue and the whole process of anti-anti-strong typhoon, the leaders and departments time rescue fleet, rescue office, etc. with this boat to maintain close contact, Lin Quankun captain is stick in front of the computer, feel free to ask on-site rescue situations and offshore wind, barometric pressure and other meteorological sea ​​conditions, to grasp the condition of the ship, guiding the ship to carry out scientific work of anti-anti-typhoon, so that "the North sea rescue 101" wheel inspire the crew, but also enhance the strong typhoon beat determination and confidence.
     At 2:07 on the 13th month, the strong typhoon "Chan Hung" once again landed in the north-west coast of the Korean peninsula and weakened to a low pressure. 11:40 the same day, "North Sea rescue 101" round pick Bureau notification tone: end of the anti-anti-typhoon strong mandate, bound for the waters Isle perform standby rescue mission. At this point, "North Sea rescue 101" round the successful completion of anti-anti-strong typhoon "Chan Hung" task.
After the strong typhoon "Chan Hung," the baptism, "North Sea rescue 101" wheel either crew or equipment and facilities have all withstood the severe test, hone everyone's strong will to improve the courage to overcome the difficulties of determination, in the face of this typhoon defying fear, tenacious rescue team, with practical action to practice again with "the students wish to someone else, and the risk of death for themselves" spiritual relief.

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