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Yantai municipal corporation theory to promote its backbone training Feelings

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December 9 to 11, I was fortunate to participate in the theories to promote its trainees in the Yantai Municipal Propaganda Department organized group, accepted by the Municipal Party School, City Network Information Office, Yantai Daily Media Group, Yantai Dazhong and other units of teachers and technology the backbone of their communist beliefs on the Internet to deal with public opinion, news writing, the use of new media technology and other aspects of teaching.
Time is short and full-day, and more than 110 partners from the city's small urban counties, units of common learning, communication, full harvest, but also aroused my mind about the "dream", "responsibility" and other words. Turning learnings, I summarized as the following three aspects.
First, open ideas, skills upgrading
With the open Internet era, are more of a modern "organ" - the phone, followed by "two micro end" - microblogging, letters and clients, and gradually into ordinary people's lives, we become concerned about the current events hot, learn an important platform for news, it has become an important battleground of our advocacy work. The training of new media technology as a key content to explain, deepened my understanding of the new media movement, giving me the opportunity to learn the relevant technology "dry."
Yantai Zhang Dazhong editorial director of its teacher days from the actual point of view, focusing on teaching how to use the micro-channel public number pioneering advocacy positions, increase the amount of reading, to expand its influence. How to remove a small attractive title, landscaping layout editor, how big topic, integrate resources, and even how to add up the number of fans, enhance effective amount of reading and other practical skills, unreservedly share with you. Currently the Bureau microblogging, the official micro-channel platform have been opened, and gradually into the right track, to the community to show salvors style. Combine what they learn, I think the current official microblogging, micro-channel audience is relatively simple, mainly in the interior of workers and the surrounding families, the community for assistance career awareness generally low, if further increase the influence, can be put into strengthening management, increase fan interaction and other aspects, the use of innovative and flexible forms of publishing content authority specification, so that our official platform more temperature, more affinity, Nanjing Jiangning Public Security Bureau official micro-Bo is a typical success story. Of course, given the nature of the work unit and property, to play my bureau official platform also need to hold the necessary restrictions to ensure that accurate information is strict, proper grasp the "degree" is a principle of science. More than just personal humble opinion, still need further consideration to explore the feasibility of expanding the influence of social assistance, need our common efforts.
Design director Tian Yuxi teacher explained the main rules and precautions charting and analysis from a professional point of view as well as the structure of the chart elements expression of the chart, we recommend to visual Chinese, Chinese material, red moving China and other creative publishing material website, to improve our publicity plates aesthetic, rich reference material library of great help. In the future production of billboards, you can actually use what they learn to make beautiful billboards lied, lifting effect.
"Yantai Evening News," the former chief reporter, Yantai Daily Media Group Planning Director Yin Yang Hao teacher content on news writing I have benefited. He comes down to the point of writing words: joy, alone, than, cross, fast, live, dark, new. Specifically, these eight characters represent outstanding creative efforts of eight press releases required: to be good readers select a favorite, favorite topics; for exclusive first-hand grasp resources; learn and around predecessors, peers and articles have been published comparing offset our own take people's short; make extensive press contacts for forward power; timely and rapid transmission of information to ensure the timeliness of news; flexible form, or point of view, do not take the unusual way; do not stop surface, pay attention to deep-level mining spiritual content; content fresh and unique. View of the above, is the senior correspondent for decades practitioner insights, comprehensive generalization, refined, combined with the views of many of my daily management of publicity really deep. In the future, if the manuscript creation ideas blocked, often wondering at this character Proverbs, we may be able to receive some enlightenment. I think that in the past superficial newspaper just newspapers, its publicity value can be replaced completely network information, I rarely even open the newspaper to read a patient. On this lesson I did not know who the newspaper reporter behind effort and sweat, to recognize the enormous amount of information it contains small newspaper is a living textbook writing news articles, so I have a past to be missed remove the re-read of the newspaper to learn impulse. Only now aware of this real sense of shame, but fortunately not late.
Second, inspire enthusiasm, conviction
Professor Zhang Jinping Yantai Municipal Party director of the Department of Scientific Socialism Speaker topics are: "Communist Manifesto" and the Communists historic mission. Professor Zhang lecture style vivid, full of emotions, infected each participant from the audience quietly listening to a generous tragic "Internationale" began, in layman's language to lead the common learning "Communist Manifesto." In today impetuous social context, "faith" has become a luxury that many people are confused. "Communist Manifesto" as a classic, is the source of communist ideology, culture gene, codes of conduct and spiritual beliefs, as we set the course advocated promenade, people mainly benefit the world, is a valuable spiritual wealth, we can help build confidence in theory, stimulate entrepreneurship Moushi feelings, firm belief in communism.
Micro broad V "positive ideas" teacher witty, humorous language lesson for us, "new new media, public opinion," the lesson, impressive, if I opened a new world for the door. His self-styled "rumor party chairman," "self-drying five general secretary", known as the "Fifty Cent own food," stick to the network position to resist malicious false rumors, revealing the truth behind the rumors, to defend network security, communication positive energy, while emphasizing the publicity precautions, tell you how to properly dispose of public opinion effectively.
Once upon a time, in the face of divergent views on the Internet rumors, I was skeptical. Through the study, I know how to identify information in a complex network environment, authenticity, know the truth behind the rumor network: Some rumors are irresponsible people in the public uproar from the public, more rumors that some hostile forces driven by interests, malicious slander and demonize. This is a tough battle of public opinion, to improve the ecological network of public opinion is imminent. Faced with the phenomenon of network public opinion, we have enough ability to identify, recognize the true face of rumors, their objective rational analysis, the courage to voice, good sound, enhance network boot, the struggle to win public opinion online so resounding truth, so that " patriotism "is no longer shy. The majority of youth is the backbone of this fight, gather a mass of fire, scattered as stars, even a simple and effective support or "thumbs up" coming together is an indestructible positive energy, to create a cool and bright harmony network environment play a role should not be underestimated.
Third, broaden their horizons, self-motivation
The trainees participate in some work at the grassroots level for many years secretary of the Communist Youth League, some businesses the backbone of practical experience, some just to work soon after the couple, and even individual school outstanding students ...... basically concentrated in the 80 Age, covering the construction group, education, finance, transportation, manufacturing, electricity, community, social and other aspects of 90, everyone thinking, active, enthusiastic, always exudes a youthful and aggressive charm. Just three days, small partners in the common work while learning from each other to share experiences and feelings, have the opportunity to directly understand the specific circumstances of each industry, and gradually from the meet by chance to establish valuable friendships.
They young, career full of energy, full of hope for the future, confidence and dreams, in their efforts to develop the country and society to make its own contribution to their hard pragmatic attitude and spirit deeply infected me. For example, Muping a League staff about how they use the micro-channel planning activities of success stories, will celebrate the war 70 anniversary of the victory with the help of the war the old farmers sell unsalable Apple combined, not only set off the memory of the revolutionary spirit of the boom, and address local farmers urgent needs , to help farmers achieve income of $ 20,000 to reverse the situation. Perhaps "income 20,000 yuan," this amount is not amazing, but let everyone see their attitude and effort, so that we learn to advance with the times, innovative use of new media forms of work to bring progress. Teacher micro Springs youth services center told me this story touched me: a summer they organize events to lead the students in the bus station to send a bottle of water as a bus driver in the past, one of the usual mischievous, spoiled boy afterwards issue such a feeling, "love and be loved is happiness." Yujingsizuo. "Micro Spring" homonym "rights", intended for young people to solve problems, escort, whose work is related to the growth of country flowers, equally respected. In addition, I also learned that this group of people - Laiyang City of Pearland spring volunteer service teams, they develop from Laiyang six years to grow to two dozen people today across all sectors Yantai enthusiastic public welfare than 7,000 volunteers, stick to the hearts of ordinary the great "grassroots dream", will love to sink a long stream trickling helped many people through. They do not name no profit, loyal to the original idea of ​​simple rustic "want to do something good," worth considering this dedication, learning, can not always stick to what they have been wronged, be less cold complain, think more about their own what has been done for this community.
There is a very appropriate analogy, personal vision is like a circle, the larger the circle, the more extensive contact with the outside surface, the more we find more unknown. Frog sit idle, it is thought that the world is only the wellhead so big. The training gave me a chance to jump out of the wellhead, giving me the opportunity to know the outside world is vast, not only learned a lot of practical knowledge, more aware of their shortcomings and gaps, in order to motivate yourself to take advantage of old time did not pay close attention to learn increase efforts to meet the shortfall, to shorten the gap, for a limited life to do more meaningful things, live youth Haonianhua.
Wang Liping 2015-12-17

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