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Simple life

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This year's top ten network buzzwords, the "Tyrant" ranked first, but also out of the country to the world, which could not help but make us think: Tyrant's life is certainly okay?

We often see in the news all over the country at the "Tyrant wedding" bride hands, neck, waist covered with gold and silver jewelry, thin body is a "tottering down," and the groom stand together really bling. In the long ago, the Tianjin Binhai New Area as migrant youth organized a group wedding, the wedding process is not a luxury car, luxury, and no golden jewelry, just a little bride and groom happy smile on his face, even if the new house is just a lack of space 10 square meters of collective apartments in the photo they still seemed so warm. Even as we passers-by whom also touched by their happiness. With respect to the Tyrant wedding, I think their story more real and touching. This is the life.

Life, it should be the same as the Curies, removed the extra chair, away from worldly interruptions, concentrate on love in his career to become a pursuit of people.

Life, it should be the same as German, not a Mercedes can not afford, but to give ourselves and future generations a blue green water environment efforts.

Most of the ancient scholars also seek the simple life, living a simple room, go rural, scenery, then, hope mountains. A table, a bed is enough. It was such a simple, will stimulate their creative inspiration, so that they are committed to literature, we have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful, bold, magnificent poem.

Simple life it not a blessing. Some people say that the health of the parents is a blessing; it was said academic success is a blessing; it was also said to have an own house is a blessing, these simple little desire is their pursuit of life, the simple life people are more likely to meet, but also easier to happiness.

Ordinary work of ordinary life. This is our interpretation of the simple life.

Zhu Qing to 2014-10-29

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