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Towing training Thoughts

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I, as "Beihai rescue 101" round trainee three rounds have the opportunity to participate in long-distance towing training, which is a rare broaden their horizons and increase their knowledge, skills proficiency opportunity.
     Training is on March 18 began receiving notice of this training mission, the engine department under the leadership of the chief engineer, first to carry out a comprehensive investigation work hazards, each have their own engineer in charge of the equipment meticulous inspection and debugging, ensure that the machine is in the best condition. Shortly afterward, the ship equipment failures and engine department during towing may occur and have occurred that may affect Faults made contingency plans to avoid electric double car parking and towing losses, endanger the safety of the ship. Contingency plans include: 1, front left parking reset the host towing winch emergency power supply operation; 2, the host supply unit failure emergency operation; 3, the host bicycle repair fuel valve closed emergency operation; 4, solenoid-operated valve Fuel Injector when the wiring is bad emergency operation; 5, low-temperature fresh water around the plate cooler fault related emergency generator operation. Emergency plan content short, the combination of text and graphics, clear, spare parts and special tools should have a, well-known processes. I was responsible for important equipment to assist the three wheels, in addition to inspection by the competent cabin equipment, we are also responsible for this essential training towing - towing machine. Number of times during my internship, contacts, towing winch is relatively small, it is relatively unfamiliar, that's what my "weakness" lies, such as a comprehensive inspection, the opportunity to test towing machine is so hard, I naturally will not let this had a great opportunity to learn. Once you are familiar through line drawings and specification, field observations of the entire operation of the Department of the streamer deck machine, combined with the guidance of three rounds, and finally air clutch, brake, exhaust, etc. to embrace towing winch works with preliminary understanding for the future SEPT laid a good foundation.
Pre-flight inspection and maintenance is the basis for smooth sailing, but sailing is undoubtedly the most important of the navigational watch. Assist three wheel shift work, a digital monitor changes, abnormal sound judgment, every detail carefully observe the inspection found that the disposal problem, have made me understand the importance of job responsibilities. To love and dedication, a dry line, love line, fine line, strict implementation of the mobile inspection system, even if it is a small risk, but also careless. Such as when traveling on duty firewood hair examination revealed left traces of oil at the ventilation pipe flanges after tightening the flange screws to eliminate leakage; the duty officer found in the left tail shaft intermediate bearing thermometer loose, and tighten update thermometer, normal play effect.
Spring season turns warm again, breezy, the cabin is actually another world, a high temperature of 40 degrees so that each visit is like a steam sauna, often turn around not finished already sweating big sweat. Compared to the cabin temperature, it is rising more we learn and work enthusiasm. Master cabin during operation in almost all of the equipment, the system will be open for its services, which provided me with a great opportunity to learn from a host of fuel, oil, cooling water systems used in the towage and hydraulic electric drive systems, each system is in operation, all need to keep their health monitoring. Engineer on duty to assist the process, but also to the knowledge in my possession a leak filled process, equipment operation and management experience, good habits during duty rich sailing experience, these are my lack. Especially in the maintenance segment, but also test the wisdom and handle emergencies. Taking into account such as the water temperature slightly higher south may affect the cooling equipment, engine department personnel to clean the high and low seabed and each filter plate cooler sea water filter. Given the impact of the voyage of adverse sea conditions, and open the included all oil, fuel filter check and clean, replace the steering gear oil filter cartridge. After Release found now bow low oil pressure system, with all the lights off. Chief engineer, electrical engineer and engineer in charge quickly reach the bow thruster room for inspections found that loss of power due to the PLC (PLC experience that the power supply module output power anomalies occur at high temperatures), after power is restored, manual start pumps, oil pressure normal, excluding motor abnormalities. After the measurement PLC power module DC output voltage of 23.8V, push PLC power module voltage is less than 0.7V front bow, manually adjusted to 24.6V, the rest are normal. And electrical engineer who studied together contingency plans and on-site practical operation.
Although during this time, we encountered large waves and heavy fog, but in our joint efforts, accompanied by the roar of the host, we have overcome the difficulties, the successful completion of towing training mission. In the future, I will assume as three rounds in sailing their responsibilities, I am often asked herself, if this time I, as an independent engineer on duty in the cabin, there is no teacher guidance, I can not deal with that may arise at any time situation? Faced with a variety of unexpected situations, the duty engineer is how to calmly deal, which requires me to observe carefully, the effort of thinking and timely questions. The voyage to their own lack of understanding, which greatly enhanced my motivation to learn, and fear that they missed a chance to improve. I will redouble their efforts to study hard and strive for an early to become a qualified relief crew for the rescue and make its due contribution.

Zhang Zheng of 2015-04-09

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