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  • name: Yantai base
  • date: 2016-03-10
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Beihai Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Transport was established in June 2003, the Ministry of Transport is deployed in the northern seas of our country a professional rescue team, is responsible for the northern waters of Heilongjiang and trunk, which is embroidery needle estuary (north latitude 35 degrees 05 minutes 10 domestic and foreign seconds east longitude 119 degrees 18 minutes 15 seconds) to the northern tip of the island Hirayama (latitude 35 degrees 08 minutes 30 seconds east longitude 119 degrees 54 minutes 30 seconds) connection and latitude 35 degrees 08 minutes 30 seconds north latitude line waters aircraft ship water, water facilities and coastal waters of the northern part of the distress at home and abroad, and other aspects of human life rescue; responsible for saving lives at sea for the purpose of fire; commitment to human life rescue for the direct purpose of the ship and water facilities and other property of the relief; assume special political, military (combat), disaster relief and other emergency rescue mission designated by the State; to fulfill its international obligations relevant international conventions and bilateral maritime agreements.

All 780 employees, including crew, emergency response rescue team of more than 70% of the total employees. Under the Yantai, Tianjin, Qinhuangdao, Rongcheng, Dalian five rescue bases and a rescue emergency response team; have all kinds of rescue vessels 21, wherein, 1940KW rescue ship 5, 3200KW above salvage ship 9, 4480KW fast wave-piercing relief a boat, fast rescue boat six were deployed in Qinhuangdao, Dalian, Tianjin, the Bohai Strait, long Island, Longkou, Yantai, Shidao, Qingdao and other key sea of 12 years stand point; the Ministry of transport and rescue and salvage Bureau under the direct leadership of the waters in the area deployed two rescue helicopters, a fixed-wing aircraft.

The overall objective of the work proposed by the Ministry of Communications, according to "personnel capable, well-equipped, highly skilled, play a key role at a critical time" requirements, closely around the sea Life at the center of rescue mission, strictly implement the "sooner, the site encryption, dynamic standby, ready to attack" dynamic standby duty relief system, vigorously carry forward the "the students wish to someone else, and the risk of death for themselves" spiritual relief , to build underwater, surface and air three-dimensional integrated maritime rescue system. By the end of 2012, we completed a total of 42,278 days on standby duty, to perform rescue mission rescue 2308 times, rescue people in distress 6594, 355 rescue ship in distress, rescued assets worth 13.57 billion. In particular, the successful rescue of the "Galactic Princess," "Zhejiang far Dalian" wheel of fire 150 workers, more than 140 passengers on the wheel and the way trials host failures out of control, more than managed to avoid major casualties; smooth towing "Ruby" large foreign cargo ship wheel, "Haisheng" wheels, highlighting a big country style; successful rescue "Lu Long fishing 4716", "Fu No. 1", "Liao Dan fishing 26628", "Liao dish fishing 35077" steel Barge "Kunishige 08" wheels turn buckle in the trapped vessel, to prove that I turned bureau domestic original arrest human life rescue technology matured; in "Haifeng 60" wheel, "Jincheng Nine" round sinking critical moment success rescued seven persons in distress; to load 9480 tons of steel cabin fire "Shun 168" round out fire and 18 people rescued; in high winds and successfully rescued cargo ship "monarch trump card" round, "green 1" round and two on board 39 mariners in distress, to show my bureau resilience and professionalism in adverse sea conditions; participate fully in Dalian "7.16" accident oil spill cleanup, and played an important role in the clean-up work to ensure that the area of ​​clean oceans; participated in the 2006 Olympic Sailing maritime rescue ship pollution emergency training exercises, the Department of Transportation hosted a professional rescue force for maritime rescue drill perspective, in 2007, Yantai maritime search and rescue fire drills, national professional salvage salvage power drill (Yantai 2010) high-specification maritime rescue exercises; Shandong Provincial Oceanic and fishery Department jointly organized the country's largest offshore fishing boat emergency rescue joint exercise ----- 2010 Shandong Province sea fishing emergency rescue joint exercise; commitment to the "Shenzhou 5", "Shenzhou No. 6 "," Shenzhou 7 "," Shenzhou 8 "," 9 Shenzhou "manned spacecraft maritime security emergency rescue mission, the Sino-Russian" peace mission 2005 "large-scale military exercises, the Jinan military Region," avant-garde -206B "military exercise, the North sea fleet in 2010 "joint maritime search and rescue military exercise," Sino-Russian "joint maritime -2012" exercise security and life-saving anti-risk rescue to Thailand and a series of major political task, winning all levels of government and the military certainly , won wide acclaim from all sectors of society, for the maritime safety of our northern waters, to build a harmonious society and make its due contribution.