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  • date: 2016-03-10
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Dalian base is the Ministry of Transport to pay planning [2000] 380 document will be included in the construction plan, "fifteen" period, on February 16, 2003 officially started construction in 2004, completed in early November, 2004 by late November SIPO preliminary inspection. December 16, 2004, Beihai Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Transport in the North Sea to save the word [2004] No. 43, the Preparatory Office of Dalian base was renamed "Ministry of Transport Beihai Rescue Bureau of Dalian base."

I. Overview
Within the Ministry of Transport Beihai Rescue Bureau of the southern tip of Liaodong Peninsula, Dalian rescue base is located in Port Arthur depression Sheepshead Bay, geographical coordinates 121008'E, 38045'N. South and Shandong Peninsula conjugate the Bohai Sea, the Yellow Sea to the east, away from Penglai Port about 63 nautical miles from the Tianjin port about 164 sea miles, from Qinhuangdao Port about 98 miles, my Office is currently the most fully featured a rescue base, is mainly responsible for the North Sea Dalian, Lushun, Laotieshan waterway and the surrounding maritime areas of life and logistical aid rescue command frontier work.
Base south of Dalian Imaoka Dalian Shipyard Co., Ltd. and China Railway Bohai Ferry north adjacent pier length 190 m, depth of -7.7 meters basin, swirling waters of 145 meters, which can salvage tugboat docked 8000KW and 4500KW each one. Base covers an area of ​​31,588 square meters, with 2100 square meters of a helipad; package includes office, production, life and other construction area of ​​2350 square meters; roads and site area of ​​15,180 square meters; with fast rescue boats, rescue command vehicle, salvage and rescue trucks, cranes, forklifts, machine tools and other logistics vehicles and more complete relief aid.
Base relief under Management Section, Logistics Section, office, emergency rescue units and South Huangcheng relief stations (September 26, 2006 officially put into use, as detailed in the rescue shelter presentation), there are currently 25 employees.
Second, the base duties and tasks
Rescue Bureau under the leadership of the responsible base surrounding waters fast rescue and salvage and rescue, and take the ship in distress, facilities, aircraft and other rescue human life, as well as aid for the purpose of human life at sea firefighting, rescue and salvage property;
Assistance and the surrounding area where the administration of local government, or the danger of an accident occurring inland waters, organization and implementation of emergency rescue and disaster relief work;
Stand shoulder area to perform dynamic tasks of professional rescue ships, aircraft rescue and emergency response assistance (unit) to support security work;
Bear a special political, military, disaster relief and other emergency rescue mission designated by the State, perform other rescue and relief work assigned by higher authorities.
Third, the rescue standby duty
The waters near Dalian Beihai Rescue Bureau has a number of stand-by rescue and III position, with a full-time rescue ships on standby duty.
Base relief duty to assume full-time duty rescue communications, emergency rescue units on standby to assume full-time emergency relief, very high frequency (VHF) using 69 channels.
Fourth, the introduction hydrometeorological
Lushun Newport irregular semidiurnal tide tidal harbor, by the monsoons, tidal range. The average gap between high tide 11:27, low tide clearance 05 average 16 points, the tide rose 2.0 meters, 1.6 meters neap tide rose, the average high tide 1.79 meters, the average low tide level 0.46 m, 1.13 m average tide. The maximum tidal range 1.94 m, 1.33 m average tidal range. The average sea level 1.2 meters.
Sheepshead Bay neighborhood tide, high tide for the North flow, the flow rate Section 3.5; ebb as South Stream, a flow rate of 3 sections. Lushun new port door, the tide flows northeast, flow section 0.6, flows southeast ebb, flow rate 0.9. In the mouth of the bay and the Gulf of smaller flow rate, the maximum flow rate of 0.4.
In addition, according to the information, in Port Sheepshead outside the three southeastern coast about 400 m width, there is a "seasonal trend zone" generally occurs in 6 year - the month of October, the trend is always flowing from southeast to northwest, large flow rate.
According to local authorities introduced incoming ice, off the coast of Port Arthur and heavy ice waters except for a few years, the majority of the year without ice production, after years of practice has proved that accidental outer ice currents do not affect the navigation of the ship.
The prevailing wind in Hong Kong more southwest and northwest winds. Winter and spring multi-northwest and north; in summer, Southeast and south. Nancy Autumn Duo Xinan and south. The maximum wind speed 30 m / s average wind speed 3.82 m / sec. September wind converter season, north and northwest winds and southerly winds appear alternately. Strong winter wind, windy winter days are about 10 days a month, usually in the 6-8 grade wind.
Port Arthur harbor wave toward the southwest, SW to depression is often Sheepshead waters to strong waves on the impact of the waves in the harbor to the main three directions WSW, SW, SSW.
Fog Lushun Newport every year from March to August of fog season, the southeast wind generated when veered north or west fog that is dissipated. Usually foggy days per month 2-3 days, the most in June and July, the average monthly foggy days 6 to 7 days, up to 20 days, and it lasts longer, sometimes up to eight days, usually 2 to 3 days . Each of the other months of short duration, usually not more than one day.
V. waterways and aids to navigation Introduction
Laotieshan lighthouse, old lighthouse located in the old Tieshan iron Shanxi slope angle as a white cylindrical tower, 100 meters high light, range 25 sea miles. Attached equipment with lights and radio beacon, a good goal is to identify ships at night from Lushun Newport West and southwest.
Sea Cat Island (Sea Island boa), Sheepshead Bay is located in the north-west from about 5.6 nautical miles to an isolated island, 105 meters height, very significantly, ship good goal from north and north-west of Port Arthur recognition.
Big Sheepshead (144), located in the northern Sheepshead Bay, is an isolated spur of prominent peak, very significantly, ship Lushun Newport knowledge of good goals.
Three Sheepshead Sheepshead Bay on the eastern side (69.2), on the south side of the temple mountain (58.3), long nozzle, are good navigation target.
Around the harbor entrance breakwater lighthouse with a beacon, Sai Head Lighthouse 7 meters high, a range of six sea miles, it will be red. Tung Head Lighthouse 7 meters high, a range of five sea miles, will be green. Let fairway buoy 6: 1 # Floating have Leikang flash (2) Green 6s (right-hand scale); 2 # Floating flash red 4s (the left scale); # 3 floating green flash 4s (right-hand scale); 4 # floating flash (2) red 6s (the left scale); floating flash # 5 (2) green 6s (the left scale); No. 6 floating flash red 4s (the left scale).
V. waterway navigation obstruction was introduced
Sheepshead three sides of the shore within 200 meters from the reef there; three Sheepshead south coast 1,400-meter-long rocky beach, the rest of the beach. Rocky bay side, extending outwardly from 50 to 250 meters, the ship should not be close.
Since the Gulf coast south of the old angle iron, Shandong, 3 to November there is flow nets, especially in the north of the long nozzle projecting a larger area of ​​fishing nets, should pay attention to avoid sailing.
Long Tsui west from the shore at about 6 chain has a jet stream.
Long Tsui and near the left side into the port area and seaweed farming area nets.

Six local rescue resources
Medical Lushun Port Zone where no regular hospital, but Lüshunkou several hospitals, such as the Navy 406 Hospital, Lushun District People's Hospital (2 A), first aid stations are located in Lushun Lushun District People's Hospital, from the base of the pier about 13 km.
Fire Lushun Economic Development Zone (the base location) lived Lushun fire brigade two squadrons equipped with two fire engines, fire squadron from the base of the pier about 1 km.
Lushun base transportation more convenient transportation, about every half hour bus to the Port Arthur bus station, and the other ten classes a day long car from Dalian Railway Station Dalian Foreign Trade and Economic Institute.
Availability recharge the main staple food supply, oil, water, materials, spare parts
Base location is currently no large department stores and farmers markets, the ship's main non-staple food supply and procurement of materials to be sent a car to the base of Lushun district purchases; fresh water can be added to the base marina, the Port Authority pier only add 0 # diesel; Southern Liaoning shipyards 13 kilometers from the base, strong build its capacity.
Telephone communication contact base VHF (VHF) channel 69 in listening, single sideband (SSB) has a frequency so that the same frequency as 8024KHZ, inbound and outbound ships can call at any time.
Ship traffic management is located (or heading) Lushun Newport and nearby waters, should be promptly reported to the VTS Vessel Movement Center, subject to supervision and management of the traffic control center. 20 sea miles from the old lighthouse Tieshan line and three sea miles away from the three Sheepshead line ship reporting lines. Ships entering and leaving through the Port Arthur when reporting line, both would like to report the traffic control center, and enter the harbor through a three-line report Sheepshead three sea miles to the VTS Center berthing application; shifting the ship or vessel shall depart 15 minutes early apply to the traffic control center.
Lushun Port and ship at anchor nearby waters need to be ahead of the report to the VTS center and anchored in the traffic control center designated area, the ship shall in any anchorage of foreign authorities issued by anchoring.
VTS centers in the call name Lushun Newport and nearby waters as "Dalian VTS Center", calling channel and traffic channel to channel 10, and the waters around the ship in the Port Arthur should be held for 10 channel listening.
Seven, Dalian base communications (link) Information
Base Address:No. 12 Hing gang Road Lushun Economic Development Zone in Dalian City, Liaoning Province,