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Rongcheng Ji base, was founded in October 1976, completed by the end of 1979. June 28, 2003, the Ministry of Transport and other six ministries on the "salvage reform implementation plan" formally implemented, rescue and salvage separately established Beihai Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Transport, the East China Sea Rescue Bureau, the South China Sea Rescue Bureau, Rongcheng rescue station ownership of North Sea rescue Bureau of the Ministry of transport, was renamed "Ministry of transport Beihai rescue Bureau Rongcheng Ji ground.

Rongcheng Ji located in the easternmost of Shandong Peninsula Sungo Bay North Shore clam river port, 28 sea miles north of Isle, north Chengshan 30 miles recapped the Bohai Strait strategic position, controlling the northern Yellow Sea, located in China's economic development and an important region vulgar "China's Cape of Good Hope," said Chengshan Jiao Maritime prone waters. Geographic coordinates: latitude 37 ° 08'54 "71, longitude 122 ° 30'03" 66.
Base under the rescue department, logistics department, office, emergency rescue units, currently has 26 employees.


The total capital investment of 3.75 million yuan, of which, dedicated rescue pier 202 meters, 1026 meters Causeway, behind the production and living facilities 4844 square meters, covers an area of ​​67.4 acres. In 2002, the Ministry of Transport to strengthen salvage departure from the investment 25 million yuan of the original dock facilities and the rear channel dredging and renovation, and the construction of a dedicated helipad rescue, rescue base capacity and scale has been further improved.

Base Responsibilities and Tasks
Beihai Rescue Bureau under the leadership of the responsible base surrounding waters fast rescue and salvage and rescue, and take the ship in distress, facilities, aircraft and other rescue human life, as well as aid for the purpose of human life at sea firefighting, rescue and salvage property;
Assistance and the surrounding area where the administration of local government, or the danger of an accident occurring inland waters, organization and implementation of emergency rescue and disaster relief work;
Stand shoulder area to perform dynamic tasks of professional rescue ships, aircraft rescue and emergency response assistance to support security work;
Bear a special political, military, disaster relief and other emergency rescue mission designated by the State to complete the tasks assigned by higher authorities other emergency relief work.
Rescue standby duty
Rongcheng waters near the North Sea Rescue Bureau provided assistance stand No. 4, with a rescue boat on standby full-time duty.
Anchorage Isle, Isle Marina, Rongcheng Ji to salvage the ship pier are dynamic standby position.
Base relief duty to assume full-time duty rescue communications, emergency rescue units on standby to assume full-time emergency relief. Very High Frequency (VHF) using 23 channels, telephone duty relief


Terminals and Base Channel case
Beihai Rescue Bureau Rongcheng Ji to rescue pier, cement bricks, jetty, breakwater outside of doubles, not berthing. Pier total length of 1228 meters, which cited Dizhang 963 meters (including precast yard l65 meters), 34 meters transition, Dyke 29 m, Pier 202 m (-6.5 m and -4.7 m for each 101 m). Harbour Location: 37 ° 08'54 "71N, 122 ° 30'03" 66E, dock to 63 ° -243 °, waterways 8.5 sea miles wide 40OM, buoys 14, local elevation than the Yellow Sea elevation 1.5 meters high.
Coordinates: X = 13860; Y = 55850
Area: 2525.14m2 (including access to the tarmac road)
Paving structure type: concrete slabs cast C35F300 surface. Thickness of 0.35 m.
Strength: fcm = 5.0Mpa
Relief dedicated channel
1, channel trend:
From the inside out, from 350 ° -170 °, go to 335 ° -155 °, external natural deepwater fairway strike is 270 ° -90 °, followed to a natural deep water channel 275 ° -95 °, the outermost end of the channel to to 285 ° -105 °.
2, channel length:
The total length of 13.4 kilometers, of which artificial excavation 2.5 km natural deep water channel segment about 10.9 kilometers.
3, channel width:
Channel width of 400 meters.


Within the following four-point connection:
1,37 ° 06'00 "N, 122 ° 38'OO" E; 2,37 ° 06'00 "N, 122 ° 39'21" E;
3,37 ° 04'39 "N, 122 ° 39'21" E; 4,37 ° 04'39 "N, 122 ° 38'OO" E.
The anchorage depth of -23.5 m to -28.5 m, fresh water, sediment is sand bottom.
Clam River Port Hydrometeorological presentation
(A) the tide: clam tidal river harbor nature irregular semidiurnal tide. According Sanggou Beach Pier at tide information May 15, 1983 to May 14, 1984, and and Sanggou Bay North Port and South Side 1984 Nian March 23 to April 21 each a month tide statistics:
1, the maximum high tide: 2.36 m Minimum low tide: -0.40 m
2, the average high tide: 1.87 m average low tide level: -0.75 m
3, the average sea level: 1.31 meters Maximum tidal range: 1.99 m
Tidal datum above the theoretical depth datum (in 1956 the Yellow Sea mean sea level 1.195 m)
(Ii) trends: The irregular semidiurnal tide sea, tide movement forms belonged to rise, mainly ebb back and forth. Rising trend from the north rim Sanggou Bay northeast - southwest to enter the bay. Tide flow rate of 0.39 m / s; ebb current and reverse the trend of rising to the southwest - northeast. Ebb flow rate of 0.41 m / sec.
(C) Wind conditions: constant wind direction is southwest, a frequency of 16%; strong northeast wind. The annual average wind speed 3.4 m / s maximum wind speed of 28 m / s (28 July 1960). Annual average, annual ≥8 gale days 35.8 days, up to 84 days Year (1960), a minimum of 13 days Year (1971).
(Iv) the fog: the average number of foggy days 36.7 days (1976), a minimum of 27 days Year (1959). Foggy days mostly in the spring and summer.
(V) Temperature: annual average 11.1 ° C, over the years of extreme maximum temperature 34.9 ° C (1956 years. 8 on 2, 4). The coldest month is January, the monthly average temperature of -2.8 ° C, extreme minimum temperature over the years -18.3 ° C (1977 Nian January 4th).
(Vi) Wave: It Sanggou Bay from May 1983 to May 1984 statistics waves, often wave to the strong waves are to the southeast, the frequency of 20%, the maximum wave 


Clam river port rescue resources
(A) Medical: Rongcheng City Hospital about three kilometers away from the base of the pier, is a secondary level of integrative medicine in general hospitals, convenient transportation and well-equipped. contact number:



(B) Fire: Fire Department Rongcheng City Pier is about 8 km away from the base, is three points, all kinds of fire vehicles complete, the existing two squadrons of active preparation, and career preparation in a unit of Shidaowan nearby ( It is a local government). A total of nine fire hydrant base marina, dry powder fire extinguishers configuration 12, no base fire boats, fire engines.

(C) Transportation: Rongcheng Ji located in the eastern end of a mountain road, wide roads, transport facilities, 1 city bus terminal is located just 100 meters from the base of the West. Weihai from the airport about 20KM.
(D) ships' stores:
1, the main non-staple food supply base can be very convenient.
2, fresh water, electricity: base dock water, electricity complete, the supply at any time.
3, the fuel type (mainly diesel fuel, gasoline, lubricants, etc.) rely on tankers to provide local contact bases, tanker truck generally 10T, 15T, 20T and the like.
Rongcheng Ji communicate (link) Information
Base Address: Rongcheng Chengshan Avenue East 9th Postal Code: 264316