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  • name: Qinhuangdao base
  • date: 2016-03-10
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Beihai Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Transport Qinhuangdao base, formerly known as: the Ministry of Transport Yantai maritime salvage bureau Qinhuangdao rescue shelter, was founded in September 1978, under the Ministry of Transport Yantai maritime salvage bureau. According to the Ministry of Transport and other six ministries "salvage reform plan" [Submitted by labor Hair (2003) No. 60] - spirit of the document, June 28, 2003 rescue and salvage formally separated from the former Ministry of Transport Yantai Salvage salvage Qinhuangdao rescue shelter renamed: Beihai rescue Bureau of the Ministry of transport Qinhuangdao base, under the Beihai rescue Bureau of the Ministry of transport. Mainly responsible for standby vessels and logistical waters near Qinhuangdao human life rescue work.

I. Overview
Based in Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province Qinhuangdao harbor area, east of Qinhuangdao coal four terminals, Hebei MSA west jetty. Geographical coordinates of longitude 119.36'26 "latitude 39.54'24."
Base relief under Management Section, Logistics Section, office, emergency rescue units, the existing staff of 47 people.
Base covers an area of ​​39,250.7 square meters, the length of the wharf is 190 m, the sea floor area 27,493 square meters, the land office buildings, warehouses and guard, with a total construction area of ​​3239 square meters, with relief, emergency rescue equipment.
Second, the base duties and tasks
Under the leadership of Rescue Bureau is responsible for the base surrounding waters fast rescue and emergency salvage, responsible for the ship in distress, facilities, aircraft and other human life rescue, as well as human life assistance for the purpose of maritime fire, property rescue and salvage; assistance where the administrative area and the surrounding local governments, for inland waters danger or an accident occurs, organization and implementation of emergency rescue and disaster relief work; responsible for the area to perform dynamic professional rescue ships on standby duty, aircraft rescue and emergency response assistance (points) team supports security work.
Bear a special political, military, disaster relief and other emergency rescue mission designated by the State, perform other rescue and relief work assigned by higher authorities.
Third, the rescue standby duty
North Sea waters near Qinhuangdao has a standby rescue Rescue Bureau No. 3 (39 ° 10'N / 120 ° 15'E) with rescue ships on standby around the clock on standby duty.
Jingtang Port standby duty outside the Bohai Bay in winter strengthening point (39 ° 15'N / 120 ° 15'E), every winter Beihai Rescue Bureau were dispatched rescue ships on standby duty to perform tasks to strengthen the point.
Base relief management department is responsible for full-time duty and rescue communications and rescue ships on standby duty helicopter logistics support security; Huaying charged with 395 boats in waters near Qinhuangdao lives rescue standby duty; emergency rescue squad bears and nearby waters near Qinhuangdao Qinhuangdao land waters of life on standby rescue mission.


Fourth, the base marina and waterway conditions:
Liaodong Bay in the Bohai Sea pier base west of Qinhuangdao Port in Hebei Province in the northeast, east of Qinhuangdao coal four terminals, Hebei MSA west jetty. Geographic coordinates of latitude 39 ° 54'24 ", longitude 119 ° 36'26". Wharf project in October 11, 1999 started in 2000, completed December 19, September 20, 2001 the Ministry of Communications Water Transport Division organize the relevant units of the project was the final acceptance. Base wharf Wharf, its position as 73 ° -253 °, the length of the wharf is 190 m and a width of 17.8 meters. Three berths: No. 1 berth dock 4400KW salvage tug, the length of 63.6 m; No. 2 berth dock 1200KW salvage tug, the length of 37.25 m; No. 3 berth ship dock project, the length of 55.4 meters. The structure of gravity buttresses, in the casting reinforced concrete parapet installation 350KN bollard 12 sets of installation DGH rubber fenders 32 sets.
Channel, basin situation: 1, channel azimuth 045 ° 00'-225 ° 00 ', a length of 995 m, a width of 50 meters, according to the channel and basin berth depth -5.6 m to grasp, turn around 130 meters in diameter circle waters, basin covers an area of ​​40 acres. 2, under normal weather conditions, the length of the ship into the dock base by not more than 70 meters, a width of not more than 11 meters, the bottom rich depth of 0.6 meters.
Fifth, hydrology, meteorology and so on:
(A) weather:
1, temperature: According to the 1960 to 1980 Qinhuangdao temperature statistics
20 The annual average temperature in the table below
 Month 123,456,789,101,112
The average temperature (° C) -5.3 -3.5 2.4 9.4 6.0 20.5 24.2 24.4 20.1 13.8 4.8 -2.7
2. Precipitation: according to Qinhuangdao from 1960 to 1980 precipitation, annual precipitation is more concentrated in 6,7,8 months, three months and precipitation of more than 70% of total annual precipitation, torrential rain all occurred in the 6,7,8, September 7-8 months and the number of times that appears the most.
Over the years the monthly average precipitation in the table below
Month 123,456,789,101,112
Average precipitation (mm) 2.5 5.3 7.2 27.8 38.0 86.2 213.3 168.7 60.9 32.6 9.4 4.3
3, fog: according to Qinhuangdao from 1978 to 1980 statistics, the visibility is less than 1KM fog, an annual average of 6.6d.
4, wind: According to the Qinhuangdao Marine Station from 1978 to 1980 statistics
(1) often wind W, the frequency of 10.37%.
(2) times a constant wind SW, frequency of 9.39%.
(3) Strong wind ENE, frequency of 7.31%, greater than or equal to 7 wind frequency of occurrence of 0.34%.
5, Humidity: Qinhuangdao according to data from 1960 to 1969, the annual average humidity is 64%.
(B) Hydrology
1, Tide
Tide type: Qinhuangdao sea tide day and half-day tide amplitude ratio of (HK1 + H01) / HM2 is 4.73, indicating that the sea tide of type regular diurnal tide. Qinhuangdao Port plant tidal characteristics are as follows:
Highest tides 2.55m
The average high tide level 1.24m
Lowest low tide -1.43m
The average low tide level 0.53m
The maximum tidal range 2.45m
The minimum tidal range 0.02m
The average tidal range 0.70m
The average sea level 0.89m
2, the trend
The sea substantially regular semidiurnal tide nature and small oval trend rate, in absolute value between 0.02 and 0.06, showed a trend reversing current form, its up trend for the WSW direction, down to the trend of ENE. Slightly larger than the flood current velocity ebb tide, which lasted more than an average ebb tide period.
3, wave
Qinhuangdao sea waves and storm wave is mainly based mixed with storm waves, approximately 76% of the total number of the year, with the waves and swell waves based mixed about 22%.
According to Qinhuangdao Marine Station 1987.3 to 1989 11 years actual statistics:
Chang wave to the S, its frequency was 21.52%
· Times the normal wave to the SSW, the frequency of occurrence of 9.18%
· Strong waves to the ENE, the frequency of occurrence of 0.39%
· Strongly wave to the E, the frequency of occurrence of 0.18%
4, ice
According to the calendar year ice conditions Qinhuangdao observation and statistics, Qinhuangdao sea winter have suffered varying degrees of ice every year, usually in January and February heavy ice conditions, ice period is generally from mid-November to March next year, the coastal region of thick ice 10-40CM, the amount of ice floes intensive large amount of ice floes drifting maximum speed of 0.7 m / s, the general direction of SW, WSW.
Sixth, the Qinhuangdao Port rescue resources
Qinhuangdao Port Hospital (Second Class), with the ability for a variety of common diseases and trauma in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of implementation.