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  • name: Nanhuangcheng base
  • date: 2016-03-10
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  Beihai Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Transport of South Huangcheng rescue shelter is in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Transport Party Group "three fine two key" rescue work overall goal, to further enhance the safety of shipping in Bohai Bay, to achieve timely, fast, effective relief and in March 2005 March 18 started construction in 2006, completed April 20, 2006 September 26 officially put into use. The relief station building is 120 meters long jetty one, basin depth of -8.3 meters, 188 meters in diameter basin swirling waters, 900 m channel length, 90 meters wide, for 10,000 kilowatts salvage tugboat docked out at any time. Office, communication, land and other life supporting facilities are complete, is now preparing capacity of six people, was placed under the Beihai Rescue Bureau of Dalian base management. Another 900 square meters to be built helipad rescue.

South Huangcheng rescue shelter construction in the middle of the temple of Bohai Bay Islands northern tip of South Huangcheng Island, a distance known known as "Oriental Bermuda," said the Lao Tieshan Channel, only eight sea miles and 33 miles from the Old Port Penglai from Lushun Newport 28 the sea, and the North sea rescue Bureau base in Yantai, Dalian Bohai sea rescue system base formed triangle. Its responsibilities waters of the Lao Tieshan Channel, the east Bohai Bay and surrounding waters. Beihai Rescue Bureau perennial deploy a more than 3200 kilowatts rescue tug stationed here, a 24-hour standby duty system; every winter a fast rescue boat additional duty to protect the safety of the area.

South Huangcheng rescue shelter among the central Bohai Sea, an important geographical location, at the same time taking into account the Yantai-Dalian, Dalian Penglai, Longkou Dalian three roll-off routes, greatly reducing the relief radius surrounding waters, rescue forces rapid reaction rate increased by 1 or more, for the protection of Bohai and yellow seas safety will play an important role.